VAMOS Strength Training is Coming Soon to Balgowlah! Get in on Season 1


5 min read

To stay healthy in old age, research finds building muscles is key. Unlock the power of strength training for independent living and longevity.

3 min read

From technique to overload and how your programme is structured to help you achieve your goals, VAMOS Head Coach, Chloe Williams shares some solid gold strength training tips.

75 minute listen

An excellent listen for anyone approaching or experiencing perimenopause/menopause. Mel Robbins chats to Dr Mary Claire Haver about sleep, the value of strength training, supplementation and more.

1.5 min read

A secret super-power of doing strength training and getting stronger is the enhancement on mental well-being.

5 min read

A thought-provoking and comprehensive exploration of the multifaceted relationship between exercise, rest, and human health.

2.5 min read

Strength makes everything easier and helps people live longer and, more importantly, live better.

3 min read

Sky News article: Some exercises are just as good as therapy and even better than anti-depressants for treating depression.

4 min read

Mayo Clinic article: Here's what strength training can do for you and how to get started.

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