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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Training Season? 

A Training Season is a 3 month cycle aligned with the annual seasons. During the season you will follow a bespoke training programme based upon your goals and number of workouts per week you can fit in. We run 4 Seasons a year to allow for continuous training.

Individual workouts in the programme are designed to take between 30 to 45 minutes to complete – depending upon the specific programme and phase of the programme.

YES, although your sessions need to be booked.

Strength training has multiple benefits for everyone, regardless of age or fitness. Strength makes everything easier and helps people live longer and, more importantly, live better. Some of the benefits of strength training include:

  • Increased functional capacity 
  • Increased muscle strength 
  • Improved bone health
  • Enhanced mental well-being
  • Injury prevention
  • Enhanced metabolic rate
  • Better body composition
  • Chronic disease management,
  • Increased longevity

You can visit our strength training blog, for more on the benefits and other strength-related content. 

We don’t prescribe a specific nutrition plan but will provide you with content that will help you with your nutrition planning and tracking and how your nutrition relates to your strength training goals.

The VAMOS app will be used by Athletes to manage their bookings and payments. This app, along with emails, is used to deliver Athlete-wide communications and content. 

Athletes will receive their personal programme and workouts via our Volt training software partner app. Athletes can communicate 1-1 with our coaches via messages about their training in this app. We also provide tablets in the Workout Cubes that guide you through your sessions.

No, we work with athletes of all ages and fitness levels. Each programme is entirely bespoke to your needs, current abilities and future goals. You don’t need any strength training experience.

No matter who you are, what age you are, or whatever your goals are, increasing your muscular strength, power, and endurance is relevant. The benefits are huge, and not enough people are doing it. Strength training does, however, get more important from age 30 as muscle mass and strength gradually decrease every decade after that. If you’re not using it, you’re going to lose it.
Very few people over 70 go to the gym or strength train regularly, which is unsurprising as most gyms don’t cater to their specific needs. However, our elders have the most to gain from strength training. VAMOS believes in removing barriers and helping people become stronger for their lives, which is why we have launched our ‘Strengthen our Elders’ programme. Every VAMOS athlete can nominate an ‘elder’ in their life for a free weekly strength training session during their Season.
Our first location is in Balgowlah, 22 – 26 Roseberry Street. We will launch future locations; please sign up for our newsletter to find out when new VAMOS locations go live.
  • Monday – Thursday: 5:30am – 8pm
  • Fridays: 5:30am – 6pm
  • Saturdays: 6:30am – 2 pm
  • Sundays: 7:30am – 12:30pm

Yes, you can. Our Workout Cubes are spacious enough for solo or partner training. We can devise a shared programme and partner workouts to meet your common goals. You’ll also enjoy a discounted Training Season rate if you train with a partner.

Strength training is a form of physical exercise focusing on increasing muscular strength, power, and endurance. It’s often called resistance training or weight training and involves performing exercises or movements that target specific muscle groups or multiple muscle groups simultaneously. The primary goal of strength training is to progressively overload the muscles, causing them to adapt and become stronger over time. Strength training typically involves external resistance (dumbells, resistance bands, etc.) and bodyweight-based exercises. The resistance during these exercises challenges the muscles, causing microscopic damage to the muscle fibres. During recovery, the muscles repair and rebuild, leading to increased strength and muscle growth. Visit our blog, “Strength Matters” for more strength content. 

No problem, life happens. You can re-schedule your missed booked workouts to any day and time within the same Training Season.

You block book your sessions in advance with our coach or on our App when you join a VAMOS Season. This helps with creating routine and consistency. Bookings, however, are easy to change. 

All our Strength Coaches are PT qualified and there is always a coach on hand at the gym to support with technique, troubleshooting, and support. The Coaches provide motivation and help you hold yourself accountable to your goals and programme. Coaches also provide support outside session times via digital communications, phone calls and regular events throughout the Season.

There are no group classes; you follow a bespoke programme designed specifically for you. There are 8 Workout Cubes in the gym. So, while training is private, there is a lovely, supportive community spirit. 

Workout Cubes are private and spacious training spaces kitted out with all the equipment you need to complete your strength session. There is a mirror to help you check your form and shelving for your phone, water bottle and bits and pieces, and your programme is delivered on an interactive tablet in the Cube. 

Some of the equipment available includes: 

  • Dumbbells 
  • Barbell and plates 
  • Kettlebells 
  • Medicine balls 
  • Adjustable bench 
  • Rig to mount barbell
  • Dual pulley cable for full ‘machine’ like capability 
  • Overhead bar for pull-up variations and TRX mounting

Strength Matters

3 min read

From technique to overload and how your programme is structured to help you achieve your goals, VAMOS Head Coach, Chloe Williams shares some solid gold strength training tips.

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