VAMOS Strength Training is Coming Soon to Balgowlah! Get in on Season 1

Choose your
fit. Let's go!

Every VAMOS athlete is provided with a bespoke 12-week programme and endless support to complete it. Choose the option that best suits your goals, pocket and schedule, we’ll add it to your cart and you can checkout right here. 

Every programme includes:

  • A 45-minute programme design and assessment consultation.
  • A bespoke and holistic 12-week training plan.
  • VAMOS in-gym strength workouts to suit you and your plan.
  • Full access to the VAMOS and VOLT training apps.
  • 12 weeks of coaching and support, in gym and remote.
  • Regular body composition scans.
  • Strength Guaranteed.
What’s included?
  • An initial 45-minute assessment where we dig into your needs and goals
  • A bespoke and comprehensive 12-week strength training plan which includes in and out of VAMOS workouts
  • VAMOS in-gym workouts to suit your programme
  • Full access to the VAMOS app, which guides you on your journey
  • 12 weeks of personalised coaching, both in person and virtual
  • Weekly body composition scans
  • Weekly comms and content to motivate and inspire
  • Season wrap party, an unmissable celebration of our Athletes

VAMOS Strength Guarantee

Strength Guaranteed (and your money back if you don’t increase your strength in 12 weeks).